• Image of Sticker Packs

(FREE SHIPPING!) Stickers are an easy, quick, and inexpensive way to creatively express yourself! Every sticker design from The Animus Code is entirely unique and original. These stickers are printed on durable vinyl. Suggested canvases for sticker slapping include skateboards, helmets, cars, and street signs! But really, you can put 'em up anywhere, so use your imagination!

"WOLF PACK": Contains three 4.5"x5" WOLFSHRED diecut stickers and two 3"x3" WOLFFACE stickers. All printed on high quality vinyl, though the WOLFSHRED stickers are slightly higher quality and more durable.

"OWLBEAR" PACK: Contains four 2.5"x4" OWLBEAR diecut stickers - 2 blue, 2 gold. Printed on high quality, durable vinyl.

"KINGS AND CHIEFTAINS" PACK: Contains two 3"x3.7" KING diecut stickers and two 3"x3.7" CHIEFTAIN diecut stickers. Printed on high quality, durable vinyl.

"ULTRA VARIETY" PACK: Contains one of each color OWLBEAR diecut sticker, plus one KING diecut sticker and a CHIEFTAIN diecut sticker. For those who either can't make up their minds, or want a little bit of everything.